29 Dec

For the first time in three years, I participated in the League's annual holiday show, which ended December 23, 2021. The result? Yes, the painting was sold to an angel whom I did not, or will not, meet.  Whoever the angle was, I appreciate his or her interest in my painting.  Last year, this holiday show was canceled because of the obvious reason. This year, fortunately it was held just prior to the surge of the new COVID cases. 

Probably it was 2006 or 2007 when I joined this holiday show for the very first time. I still clearly remember the painting that I submitted. It was a landscape of the East River whose surface is glaring. That is my first painting that was sold to someone other than my family members. I remember the the comment of a guy hanging my painting on the wall for the show. He said, "This one really stands out." I said, "Thank you," then left the gallery. I thought it was just a compliment. As it turned out, the piece was sold quickly, maybe on the first or second day of the show. 

My painting skill at that time was not as sophisticated as now. However, the skill level may not always matter when it comes to art work. A good piece of art work emits something. Something that attracts people's attention. I wish I could know what "something" is.... 

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