29 Jul

Although my life is relatively simple, my job has been getting busier these days.  And yet, I am glad that I was able to go out painting.  

"I am too busy to do ....." is a typical excuse people use.  However, no one, maybe 0.1 % of those who use the phrase is actually busy.  The rest of 99.9 % are not busy.  They think they are busy.  But they are not.  They are just not willing to do it subconsciously if not consciously.  I am trying not to to be the majority of 99.9%. 

This Sunday, I grabbed my oil painting tools and a folding easel, then hit the  Bronx river trail in White Plains, NY.  This time , although it was a muggy day, I walked further than before until I found a good spot.  There was a small reward, a little friend welcomed me on the spot.

It was hot, but not too hot if you are under the shade of trees,  which I was. Because I started my practice of "En plein air" during summer in southern France, I have no fear for painting under heat.

I always choose a spot where you see no or few people walking by.  However, even when you paint at a spot of low-traffic, almost always one person (or one couple, or one family) come to talk to you during 2 or 3 hours of painting session.  No more, no less, always one.  Interesting, isn't it? 

This time, a young couple with a kid came by to check my painting.  When people come to see your painting, they usually give you a  compliment, no matter how good (or bad) your painting is.  But when the  young mother said,

"Wow, it's good. Are you going to sell it?"

I hope that she meant it.  

I spent many years for watercolor painting.  Oil is still a new medium to me. But I enjoy learning it, I truly do.

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